Saturday, March 22, 2008

emerging from lurk mode

hmmm. A question for the blogging community. Can one lurk on one's own blog?

I suspect that may be a metaphysical question like, the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin.

I am, however, resurfacing on my own blog. No, I didn't fall into a black hole. Though there were a few days in the first week in March, when I had a stomach virus and rather wished that I COULD fall into a black hole, if I'd have felt better there. But like all things (so far in my life) I survived that little illness and am better. Then in the last week life just got in the way (work, etc) and I haven't been creating all that much. I do have a couple of cards that I've been working on, that I shall get posted this weekend for various challenges.

So, welcome back, Margaret to the blogging world

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