Monday, September 1, 2008

back from vacation

Once again my poor blog has been terribly ignored.

We went out to Utah on August 16, returned on August 22. We stayed up in the mountains above Odgen; it was lovely. Except after having lived at sea level for 2 years I found that there's not enough oxygen at 8100 feet!

We did have a lovely time there; while it's hot in Utah this time of year, there's none of the Florida humidity to contend with.

We hiked in the valley at Antelope Island and at the Odgen Bay waterfowl management area. Additionally I got a day to shop at some of my favorite papercrafts/scrapbooking stores down in the Salt Lake valley. much paper, so little money!!!

This photo was taken at Powder Mountain (where our timeshare unit was located) looking down into the valley.

It was lovely being in Utah during the visit of Tropical Storm Fay. We missed all the fun.

When we returned to Florida, this photo shows the street in front of our house. We have a lovely pond in the backyard. We, also, briefly had a pond in the frontyard, as well.

The neighbors report that the frontyard pond was up the driveway about 10 feet, but no damage was done to the house or premises in general.

Coming back from Utah I brought a little cold. However last week it BLEW UP into a monster cold. I'm still not sure whether it was the original Utah virus or if one of my patients at work helped me along with a bigger, better virus, but...... it's been a rough week. Saturday night my son called the house and asked me if I was taking testerone!!! Not a good sign.

I did some papercrafting last week. I actually made a card for Allison's Suggestive Sunday with a large ribbon. But I was too tired to take a photo of it. Maybe this week I'll finally get around to it.

Unless, of course the next female in the Atlantic, Hanna comes our way. My goal is to post everyday this month. Unless.....

Look for papercrafts tomorrow; and as always, thanks for looking today.

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