Sunday, August 14, 2011

Simple Things Sunday

So, this last week I found Rebecca Cooper's blog; guess I've been living in a closet too long?? And when I read the tweet this morning about {Simple Things Sunday}, I thought: I can do that. For many years of my life, one of my mantras has been: simple pleasures for simple minds!!

So, I looked at my photos for the week; chose one that gives ME pleasure (though perhaps not so esthetically pleasing for the viewer). Found a Katie Pertiet frame that I liked for it and have posted it below.

I like this photo because it's part of my "one bucket at a time" mode right now. I have a lovely mesquite tree in my front yard. In the late spring/early summer it drops these "pea pod" things in the front yard; ALL OVER the front yard. Because my house sits on a piece of pie shaped lot and the front yard is tiny, my mesquite tree shares its pea pods with my next door neighbor.

I've not been able to pick all the pods up at once; my poor arthritic joints allow me 1 or 2 buckets at a time. So, I LOVE this photo because it shows: another bucket done AND I'm finally getting the yard done; there's probably only 2 or 3 buckets more to be picked up!!!

This, now, however, is where the SIMPLE part of this post ends. I cannot for the life of me figure out HOW to link the Simple Things badge from Rebecca's blog INTO this blog post. I know HOW to put a badge link on the side bar of this blog. But the steps to take to insert it in the blogpost are eluding me.

So gentle reader, if you know what I'm NOT doing and care to enlighten my mind today, I would be very grateful. Otherwise, if you're Rebecca and you're wondering why the badge ISN'T here on the blog post, you're now enlightened. That badge thingie is past simple for me today.

But, the photo makes me happy and with that, I'm satisfied!! Thanks for looking......

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Cathy H. said...

Wow, this sounds like a lot of work!! I love that you captured it! To add the badge in the blog post, I just go to the Simple Things blog find a badge, right click on it (not the html just the image) and copy. Then paste it in your text. At least that works for me! Hope this helps!