Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recent favorite photo -- my year of change

Ali Edwards give-away this weekend asks readers to tell about their most recent favorite photo.  And link to it, if it's available online.  Well, we all know HOW easy it is to put stuff up online......
In January I moved to Arizona to take a new job.  My marriage of 29 years had fallen apart and I needed to get out of Florida.  

I snapped this photo at the AZ-New Mexico border as I crossed into the state.  I haven't left the state since.  (But that's less out of any great love for my new home state and more related to being on probation at work and NOT having any vacation time!!!)  I found the Tim Holtz stamp at a local store in the spring and saw the vision of this composite image.

The photo was manipulated in PhotoShop Elements to a more watercolor texture and the stamp was stamped with distress ink (black soot); the ink was also used on the photo's edges.  I then scanned the finished photo for future use (as well as having the original with which to craft).

It's not a  plain snapshot, but it's my favorite photo so far this year.  My year of change.

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