Saturday, January 12, 2008

January birthdays

January has two birthdays for which I try to make cards. My mom's birthday is January 2 and since it's so close to Christmas, it's been my habit the last few years to make her birthday card before Christmas and send both presents/cards together. I have to confess that the birthday present has become a no-brainer.

Beginning about 10 years ago I started purchasing for Mom a Barnes & Noble gift card in the amount of her age. I think I started around $72; let me tell ya, a few of the clerks over the years have given me rather STRANGE looks. You want $78?!? This year's gift card was for $82. And as per usual elicited the expected LOOK with the comment, "That amount must have some significance."

January also is the month of my son's birthday. So this year I made both cards in December before Christmas. Since my mom's not a particularly frilly person (and my son's definitely NOT!!!), I made a rather plain, non-frilly card. I scraplifted (can I use this word for a card?) this card from CARDS magazine. I went looking for the issue to credit the original designer, but I'm having trouble putting my hands on it. (Probably means I didn't put it away after using it.) My card looks pretty similar to the one in the magazine, except I cut the letters and present with the Cricut.

Striped paper: American Crafts; Happy Birthday paper: Flair Designs; cardstock: Bazzill. Ink: Ranger Sepia (maybe?). Letters and number were cut using Printing Press; present was cut with Beyond Birthdays.

Again, thanks for looking.


Amy said...

I LOVE that card! Where did you get the 'Happy Birthday' music? I need to do it! I'll bet you just found it online?

Anyway, love you cards and your decision to do more online challenges is a good one. I haven't set my 2008 crafting goals yet but need to.

Have a great week!

Rochelle W said...

This is great. My sister teaches piano lessons and has her own music studio. I am so going to make her a card like this.