Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Life Challenges

I'm glad that when I set my goals for this new year, that I set the goal to post to the blog at least once a week. Since it's now been about 9 days, I'm feeling the need to post today.

Last week Ali Edwards posted the idea to photograph your word for 2008 in different places. She provided examples of how she and some friends photographed the word ART (spelled out with different wooden letters) in different locations on one weekend.
I'm finding myself increasingly intrigued with this idea. I bought my letters last Saturday and took them with hubby and me when we went to the Everglades this last weekend. But I chickened out on photographing them AT the Everglades. I'm not sure hubby would have been "game" for that. And I wonder how the black vultures (see photo) walking down the path would have reacted to wooden letters?!?

So I did get this photo in the chair at the hotel room. And with this photo I reveal to the world (LOL) that the word I chose was: Life.

I liked some of the dictionary definitions for this word. For example: The state of being animate. (Sometimes as a teenager I was even animate before noon!!)

I liked the idea of modifying this word; MY life, NIGHT life (waking up at 3 AM and not being able to get back to sleep), WILD life (the creatures that live in the pond out back). So for 2008 I shall consider how my creativity interacts with MY LIFE. And we shall see what inspiration I can draw from these letters. They're presently plain, but I hope to fix that by the weekend.
Thanks for looking.

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